This is my friends' cat Fantazio. He's like the energizer bunny! His best friend is a puppy named Mango.I am so excited about my new series, Kitty Corner!

Lots of my fans have asked me to write about cats and kittens. Now, at last, I'm so happy to be able to give kitty-lovers something to read.

Doesn't this kitty look like Callie? Her name is Daisy.As my Puppy Place fans already know, I'm crazy about dogs - but I have always loved cats, too. Some people are either dog people or cat people, but I love both.

Cats are so beautiful. I love to watch them run and play and I love to watch them sleep. Cats are cozy when they curl up in your lap and purr. Cats have their own personalities, their likes and dislikes, their favorite things to do. Some cats are silly, some are very serious, some love to cuddle and some keep their distance.

This is my niece's cat Ludwig. Besides being extremely handsome, he knows how to fetch!Everybody has a story about a kitten or cat who does something funny or interesting. My niece Margaret has a cat named Ludwig who loves to fetch. His favorite toy is the ring off the top of a plastic milk bottle, and if you throw it for him he will chase after it and bring it back to you. Then, when he gets tired of the game, he will go to sleep in his favorite spot - under the rug!

I hope you'll enjoy reading these Kitty Corner books!

Yours from the Kitty Corner,
Ellen Miles

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When this pretty calico kitten turns up on their front steps, Mia and Michael Battelli know just what to do: foster her! But Callie has lived on the streets for a while. Can she make it in a real home?

Available Winter/Spring 2011


What's cuter than an orange tiger kitten? Michael is crazy about Otis, even if he does yowl all night long and keep everyone awake. But how will the Batelli family find Otis the perfect home?

Available Summer 2011


This beautiful Persian cat has been pampered all her life. Now Mia needs to find Duchess a new home - one that's fit for royalty!

Available fall 2011


On a cold winter day, Michael discovers an adorable tuxedo kitten, lost in the snow. Domino is wearing a collar, but the tag is missing. Will Michael be able to find Domino's family?

Available Winter 2012